The Hosted Checkout

Truust Hosted Checkout: the ultimate payment hub. Build and scale the payment experience in any market and channel.


All accounts can display its own branded Checkout where the customer can perform all the payment-related operations.

Hosted Checkout

It allows the following functionality and customization:

Customer onboarding and sign-in

  • Get to know your payor
  • Provide them tokens, payment history and loyalty policies
  • Set KYC options, even video identification for AML6 compliance
  • Connect other fintech products: Wallet, Credit card issuing, virtual IBAN

Payment services orchestrator

  • As a Merchant, maximize your purchase conversion:
    • Credit Card: preinstalled providers around the globe
    • Buy Now Pay Later preinstalled providers
    • Pay with Wallet, Pay with eVoucher
    • Local methods: Spain-Bizum, Australia-Azupay, Zepto, ATM, etc.
  • Add your own desired payment gateways
  • Connect landed-based POS
  • Design fallback rules across methods

Channels and Analytics

  • Start selling on any channel: online, in-app, over the phone, chatbot, QR, paylink.
  • Set your Google Tag Manager and Clarity scripts
  • Tackle any market and industry: Retail, Telco, Banking, Insurance, debt collection, hotels, close-loop festivals, zoos, museums etc.

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